Bankruptcy Counseling

Springboard is a government-approved nonprofit organization with Bankruptcy Counselors available to assist you. Providing authorized pre-bankruptcy counseling, debtor educations and certificates.

Attorney Partnerships

Bankruptcy Attorney Icon We provide your clients with the required pre-bankruptcy counseling, debtor education courses, and completion certificates.

Introduction to Springboard's Bankruptcy Education Services

Bankruptcy CounselorThe Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 made it mandatory for people who file for bankruptcy protection against creditors to get nonprofit credit counseling from a government-approved organization within 180 days of filing bankruptcy.

The Bankruptcy law also states the individual must complete a debtor education course in order to have their debts discharged. Springboard is a government-approved organization with nonprofit counselors available to assist you with your required pre-bankruptcy counseling, debtor education courses, and completion certificates.

Begin Pre-Bankruptcy Counseling by Phone

Nationwide Pre-Bankruptcy Counseling Services from Springboard

Call Our Pre-Bankruptcy Counseling Department - 1 (888)-425-3453
We have nonprofit bankruptcy counselors available, who speak English or Spanish, that will guide you through your bankruptcy education process.

Pay Your $55.00 Debtor Education Course Fee (if applicable)
In some cases, you may qualify to have your fee reduced or waived. Also, your attorney may have paid this fee for you already. [Our Bankruptcy Fee Policy]

Complete The Debtor Education Course & Receive Your Certificate
Your counselor will send you a handbook with instructions and an 800 number. Call the 800 number to participate in the group telephone course. A certificate of completion will be issued once the course has been completed.

Begin Pre-Bankruptcy Counseling by Internet

Our Secure Online Registration Process and Debtor Education Course

As part of your bankruptcy requirements, you are required to complete this 2-hour online debtor education course. This course must be completed before Springboard can issue you a Debtor Education Completion Certificate. This completion certificate is required to receive discharge from the bankruptcy court.

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