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Springboard is approved by the Executive Office for United States Trustees to provide bankruptcy counseling and debtor education courses. We help your clients complete the requirements to file a bankruptcy petition.

Bankruptcy FAQ Section

Bankruptcy Frequently Asked Questions We have consulted thousands of pre-bankruptcy clients over past 35 years. Here are some of the frequently asked bankruptcy questions.

Springboard Nonprofit Bankruptcy Counselors

Bankruptcy CounselorsOur certified credit counselors understand how important your clients are to your law practice and the urgency of filing a petition. Our credit counseling management team has worked hard to prepare our certified credit counselors to help your clients facilitate their Pre-Bankruptcy Counseling requirement while educating them about budgets, spending plans and the bankruptcy process.

Counseling and education from Springboard will help your clients during their most difficult time; with bankruptcy turning their finances upside down, the financial literacy and budgeting help we offer will make it easier for them to make it through the bankruptcy process and get back on their feet quickly afterwards.

On average, the counseling process will take about 90 minutes, as required by the EOUST. Each session is confidential between your client and one of our certified counselors.

Our Pre-Bankruptcy Counseling Process

Step 1: Call Springboard

Your client calls in from their home or from your office. Our automated phone system will immediately connect your client with one of our certified counselors.

Step 2: Counseling & Education

Our counselor will begin by discussing the circumstances that led the consumer to consider bankruptcy and do a budget analysis with them, so that they will be more successful avoiding financial difficulty in the future. During the course of your client's Pre-bankruptcy counseling session, our counselors are trained to:

Work with your client to create a livable household budget - which includes monthly net income, monthly household expenses, unsecured debts and secured debts;

Review a spending plan with the client, based on their household budget information - The goal of this spending plan is to show the client where they are today and how to adjust their budget, so that they will be more successful avoiding financial difficulty in the future;

Provide relevant local resources and referrals to non-profit organizations to assist your client in realizing their bright financial future;

Provide background education on bankruptcy law, credit counseling options and possible bankruptcy solutions.

Explain the debtor education requirement to the client and why they need it, and;

Offer your client a "Consumer Action Handbook" provided free of charge by the Department of Consumer Affairs.

Step 3: Completion Certificate

Once completed, our counselor will issue a completion certificate to the client. The client may specify how they wish the certificate to be delivered, (i.e. mail, email, or fax.). Register with us and you will also receive a copy of the certificate via your preferred delivery method immediately after their session has concluded.

Note: Collecting the pre-petition counseling fee: Springboard may reduce or waive the pre-petition counseling fee for debtors whose household income is less than 150% of the estimated poverty threshold for their applicable family size as published by the Bureau of the Census, and the debtor is unable to pay the fee based on the debtor's budget analysis. Click here to review our fee waiver policy.

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