Housing Counseling - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really lose my home?

If you cannot make your payments, your lender has no choice but to foreclose. That's why it's important to contact Springboard before your home enters the foreclosure process. Our counselors can provide you with a comprehensive debt profile and help you design a plan that meets your needs.

Can Springboard help me with foreclosure problems?

Your home is your most valuable property. If you are past due on your mortgage payments and wondering how you're going to "catch up," our counselors can help. Springboard is a HUD-approved housing counseling agency. Our counselors are certified by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling and we can help you explore all possible ways to save your home in a confidential counseling session. Our counselors will:

1. Help you determine the reason for the default.

2. Review your income vs. your living expenses and debt repayment.

3. Review your consumer debt and make suggestions on how to minimize monthly payments.

4. Make suggestions on default options.

5. Contact your lender and negotiate on your behalf regarding your defaulted mortgage as appropriate, and with your permission.

We have helped thousands of individuals and families save their homes from foreclosure. Let us help you through this stressful time by providing you with lender-approved options such as:

  • Education on the possible consequences of Foreclosure
  • Achievable and affordable repayment plans
  • Forbearance Agreement
  • Modifications/Extension
  • Refinance
  • Possible Sale of the Property
  • Short-Sale
  • Pre-Foreclosure Sale
  • Partial claim
  • Deed-in-Lieu of Foreclosure

We're here to help you save your home! In our experience, the sooner you contact us for assistance the better we can help you and improve your chances of success. Contact us today for a housing counseling appointment at: 1-888-GO2-CCCS (1.888.462.2227) or email us at SPRINGBOARD@credit.org.

How can Springboard help me with my housing problems?

Springboard is a Housing and Urban Development (HUD) approved housing counseling agency. We offer confidential counseling with solutions to your financial situation. Our housing counseling services include:

  • Homebuyer Certificate Education (HUD, Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae approved)
  • Rental Counseling
  • Mortgage Default/Foreclosure Prevention & Rental Default/Eviction Counseling
  • Reverse Mortgage Certificate Education

Should I try to negotiate with my creditor(s)?

You can certainly try, but you should be well prepared before beginning such a process. An experienced Springboard® counselor can help you understand your financial problems and give you the guidance on how to best address them.

What happens if I lose my home?

The loss of a home is a devastating experience, and Springboard® is here to help. Our counselors offer free education and budgeting assistance help you get back on your feet and get you started on the road to financial freedom. Give us a call at: 1-877-Wise-Plan (1.877.947.3752) or email us at SPRINGBOARD@credit.org.

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