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Everyone could learn more about money management, handling a budget and achieving their economic goals. Springboard is dedicated to improving consumer education through individual and group counseling and public seminars.

Here are descriptions of some of the seminars you might see offered on our events calendar.

• "The Power of Paycheck Planning" This informative and entertaining seminar will show you how to take control of your finances by learning to budget your paycheck - before you spend it!

• "Road Map to Financial Freedom" This educational seminar helps Springboard clients take the first steps on their journey to financial freedom through the use of a Debt Management Plan.

• "First-Time Homebuyer" An in-depth workshop designed to help you make better informed choices and decisions when buying your home. Approved by HUD, Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae. Ask about HUD’s FHA Mortgage insurance cost savings.

•"The Wise Use of Credit" Proper credit usage is very important.Learn how to obtain and manage your credit responsibly!

•"Predatory Lending" Don’t be a victim! Protect your equity, know your rights, and avoid dishonest lenders.

• "Identity Theft" Learn to protect yourself from this growing problem. Be prepared if it happens to you.

•"Couples and Money” This seminar helps couples communicate about money matters, offers money and budget saving tips, and helps couples develop a spending plan for their future goals.

•“Understanding Your Credit Report and Score” This seminar provides insight into the makings of your consumer credit file and education on the main factors that make up your FICO Score. Come learn simple ways to improve your credit score and more!

•“Raising a Money Smart Child” A parent’s guide to providing children with the necessary basic financial skills as early as possible. It’s never too early to develop good saving and spending habits!

For more information on Springboard's educational programs, please call our education department at 1-877-Wise-Plan (1.877.947.3752) extension 7750, or email education@credit.org

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